The WOODmark® is New Zealand’s only independent national quality assurance brand for timber treatment.

The WOODmark® name and symbol are licensed trademarks which are applied to treated timber products that conform to the high standards required by the New Zealand Timber Preservation Council including treatment to NZS 3640, New Zealand’s treatment standard. Only treatment plants that are licensed by the Council may use the The WOODmark®.

Woodmark logo


  • assured quality
  • committed suppliers, and
  • national standard compliance

.... look for this branding:

Details of Woodmark branding

(This brand information may appear as a label—stapled plastic tags on the end of timber—a burn brand on the end of timber or as a continuous brand along the length of the timber.)

Choose Treated Timber

Assured Durability

Treated timber lasts, protecting your home and landscaping from rot or insect attack. You can expect durability of 50 years or more.

Environmentally Friendly

Sourced from sustainably managed forests and manufactured to the highest environmental standards. Enhance your landscape with the warm, natural beauty of timber.


Harvested from huge and rapidly expanding plantations forests in New Zealand and distributed in a wide range of specifications to suit any building project.

Great To Work With

Light, strong, durable with excellent nailing, turning, gluing, sawing, and finishing characteristics.


Suitable for an exciting range of end uses which can add both style and utility to your home. A great investment.

Forest and house photos

WOODmark ® licensed plants:

  • Treat timber to the standards required in New Zealand Standard NZS3640
  • Operate their plants according to the Timber Preservation Quality Manual which is based on ISO 9002
  • Are visited quarterly by a sampling contractor who takes samples for spot tests and full analysis by an analytical laboratory
  • Are operated according to all relevant regulations for worker health and safety and environmental legislation
  • Are regularly subjected to on site auditing of operating systems and plant documentation
  • Plants which fail to meet the rigorous standards imposed by WOODmark ® are subject to disciplinary measures and may have their license withdrawn.

Hazard Classes

Timber displaying the WOODmark® is also branded with the Hazard Class to which it has been treated and the license number which identifies the treatment plant.  See our page on the various Hazard Classes descriptions.