The Value of Becoming a Licensee

WOODmark® licensees participate in New Zealand’s only independent national quality assurance programme for timber treatment. The WOODmark® brand is promoted to building designers, merchants, landscapers and other target groups as their assurance of quality timber treatment and has become recognised as a credible and respected treated timber quality mark.

Only treatment plants that are licensed by the Council may use the WOODmark® brand.

More about the WOODmark programme

Acceptance of WOODmark®

The WOODmark® covers 98% by volume of treated timber produced in New Zealand, embracing small and larger treaters. There are 147 plants that are WOODmark® licensed. By setting standards for sustained treatment quality the WOODmark® programme is able to ensure that consumer confidence in treated timber is maintained at a high level. The programme is well understood by licensees and it has the confidence of key groups.

  • Department of Building & Housing
  • Local Authorities
  • Building inspectors
  • OSH
  • Customers (including builders)
  • Retailers and distributors
  • Architects, engineers, specifiers, landscapers

Sampling timber

Becoming a licensee

Licenseeship is granted on the payment of the yearly licence fee, a satisfactory report on your operations by your Technical Advisor, and the signing of the Licence Agreement.

NZTPC licenseeship requires a plant to:

  • Install a Site Quality Manual based on the Council’s Timber Preservation Quality Manual (TPQM).  You will find your Technical Advisor is able to offer assistance in this matter.
  • Treat all timber in accordance with NZS3640: 2003 Chemical Preservation of Round and Sawn Timber.
  • Comply with the requirements as set out in The Best Practice Guidelines for Timber Preservative and Antisapstain Chemicals.
  • Agree to abide by the provisions of the Council’s Licence Agreement.
  • Pay a yearly licencing fee, currently $200 + GST.
  • Pay a levy based on the active elements of the preservative use.  This levy is added to the cost of the chemical and remitted to the Council by your chemical supply company.
  • Agree to regular sampling, analysis and auditing to be carried out by the Council’s contractors.

To apply to become a WOODmark® licensee, please download the pro-forma application form (64k printable PDF file).