Dr Mick Hedley

05 May 2011

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of Dr Mick Hedley on 30 April 2011.

Mick was a member of the Board of the Council and was also Chairman of the Councilís Technical Committee.

The value of Mickís contribution to the activities of the Council and to the entire timber treatment industry in New Zealand cannot be overstated. Over many years since the 1970s Mick was at the centre of the development and growth of the New Zealand timber treatment industry. Successful timber preservation has been a critical element in allowing our timber products to penetrate into a range of important markets covering outdoor applications such as landscaping, walkways and other facilities in public spaces, marinas, decking, fencing, marine farming and retaining structures as well as in house construction. These successes have come in both New Zealand and in many overseas markets. Mickís work was an important part in these developments.

Without preservation, our timber industry would be living in a far different world. Fortunately our timber resource is very amenable to successful treatment and Mickís work in field trials and in other testing and development of data contributed to the acceptance of our products in applications from which it would otherwise be prohibited.

Through his knowledge and expertise Mick was the source of great advice to the Council and to the many technical and standards committees on which he served. His approach was always practical and his counsel was always given in a personable manner.

We extend to Mickís family our deepest sympathy.

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