Standard Operating Procedure

20 December 2010

We held six workshops around the country last week to brief licensees about the SOP last week. While we had a good turnout to the workshops we accept that due to the time of year and shortness of notice, not everyone was able to attend. Our auditors will catch up with licensees during the audit round early next year. They will be able to provide a face to face briefing to those of you needing a one at that time. In the meantime anyone wishing to find out more or having any queries should contact Jeff or me at the TPC office, 04 4735200 or by email.

The SOP will be trialled for a period until mid May 2011. This will allow time for treaters to implement any systems they need to comply but importantly it will allow treaters and auditors time to identify any issues and problems that should be addressed in a review of the SOP which will take place at the end of the trial period.

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