Export Registration for Australia

Should you wish to supply timber treated to New South Wales or Queensland you will first need to register with the relevant state authorities in terms of their timber marketing legislation.

New South Wales Australia

The following registration forms need to be completed and accompany your application to the address below:

  1.  496: application for an approval (Word doc)
  2.  499: is an application to vary an approval (Word doc)
  3.  500: is for the transfer of an approval (Word doc)

Richard Forrester
Forests NSW
PO Box 100
Beecroft, NSW 2119
Email: RichardF@sf.nsw.gov.au
Fax: 0061 2 9872 9090



For TUMA registration purposes, the procedure is as follows:

  • Fill out the details in the application form (link to download at the bottom of this page), for the species and hazard level combinations to be registered.
  • Return the completed documentation with the correct fees of AUD90.35 (application fee per hazard level).
  • Submit a total of eighteen (18) timber samples for each preservative/timber species type for which you are making application. These samples must be:
    • treated to the highest hazard/retention level for which you have applied
    • at least 300mm long and chosen from separate boards
    • taken no closer than 500mm from the end of the piece of timber from which they were cut
    • contain sufficient sapwood for detailed analysis
    • marked with the applicable hazard, and
    • marked with the charge or pack number

Samples should come from at least three different charges or packs and where possible relevant treatment charge sheets should be supplied.

The sample sizes should be representative of the material to be generally marketed or alternatively the largest size possible.

If registration samples are sent by air, could you please ensure that copies of the consignment note and any relevant treatment or fumigation documentation is fixed securely to the outside of the parcel. This will greatly help the movement of parcel/s through Australian Customs and Quarantine.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to bear the cost of the freight of the timber samples in reaching the authority. To avoid any confusion or delay in this regard please consider paying "door to door" through a freight forwarder. otherwise acceptance of samples may be refused.

All submitted samples will be analysed according to the relevant penetration and retention requirements and must pass the minimum gazetted preservative levels for brand allocation or recognition to be granted.

Analyses will attract a charge of AUD27.91 per sample (CCA) plus AUD34.59 batch fee. For eighteen (18) samples the cost would be AUD536.97 plus application fee.

Jack Norton
Department of Primary Industries, Forestry Building
Gate 3
80 Meiers Rd
Queensland 4068
Email: jack.norton@dpi.qld.gov.au
Fax: 0061 7 3896 9715

The registration form is to be completed and accompany your application to the address above.